By-BM presentations

Conference/Workshop presentations

Schroeyers, W., Croymans-Plaghki, T., Sas, Z., Lutter, G., Marissens, G., Stroh, H., Hult, M., Bator, G., Trevisi, R., Nuccetelli, C., Leonardi, F., Kovacs, T., Schreurs, S., 2017. Towards a sustainable society by adequate measures to reduce impact of NORM EFRAT User meeting, JRC, Geel, Belgium.

Towards a sustainable

Doherty, R., Sas, Z., Soutsos, M., Sha, W., Schroeyers, W., 2017. Natural radioactivity in the built environment, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.


Sas, Z., Schroeyers, W., Soutsos, M., Sha, W., Doherty, R., 2017. Natural radioactivity related concerns of synthetic construction materials; Introduction of By-BM Project, 2nd Symposium of Research activities in targeted treatments of residues, KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium.


Kovacs, T., Sas, Z., Bator, G., Doherty, R., Soutsos, M., Schroeyers, W., 2017. NORM4Building and By-BM Database, COST TU1301 NORM4Building Final Symposia, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.


Sas, Z., Schroeyers, W., Doherty, R., Sha, W., Soutsos, M., 2017. Radiological evaluation of by-products used in construction and alternative applications; Preparation of By-BM natural radioactivity database, EUNORM Symposia 2017, NPL, Teddington, UK.


Sas, Z., Schroeyers, W., Soutsos, M., Sha, W., Doherty, R., Kovacs, T., 2016. Introduction to By-BM database built for characterization of industrial by-products from environmental radioactivity point of view, EANNORM: 8th Workshop, Stockholm Sweden.


Sas, Z., Schroeyers, W., Bator, G., Soutsos, M., Sha, W., Doherty, R., Kovacs, T., 2016. Comparison of excess radiological risk of building materials and industrial by-products according to I-index (EU-BSS) and revised room model (IAEA SSG-32), NORM VIII Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Sas, Z., Doherty, R., Soutsos, M., Sha, W., Schroeyers, W., 2016. Introduction of By-BM H2020 MSCA-IF Project, V. TREICEP, Terrestrial Radioisotopes in Environment International Conference on Environmental Protection, Veszprem, Hungary.


Guest Lectures

Zoltan Sas 2016. Introduction of By-BM Project, Geopolymer production from industrial By-products; focusing on radiological features, Secondment institue: NuTeC, UHasselt, Belgium

Zoltan Sas 2017.  BY-BM PROJECT – GUEST LECTURE: GEOPOLYMER PRODUCTION FROM INDUSTRIAL BYPRODUCTS; FOCUSING ON RADIOLOGICAL FEATURES, Seminar on Nuclear medicine and radiation therapy, University of Pannonia, Hungary


 Training courses

Zoltan Sas 2016.  Module 13 – External gamma dose assessment from building materials according to IAEA SSG-32, DTU-COST-RILEM DOCTORAL COURSE, TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK, LYNGBY, DENMARK


Zoltan Sas 2016. Module 14-15 Radon emanation and exhalation influencing parameters Radon measurement techniques Determination of radon emanation and exhalation I-II. DTU-COST-RILEM DOCTORAL COURSE, TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK, LYNGBY, DENMARK